We have an extensive track record in technology dating back to 1990. We recruit C-level, Divisional level, and functional executives in the cyber-security, big data/storage, software, med/bio tech  & fintech space. Our clients span the entire industry spectrum and include industry leaders, mid-market players, and venture-backed players. Our approach is creative and delivered with a great sense of urgency in response to the changing technology landscape. Thus if your firm needs to quickly identify a CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, Head of Operations, Head of Business Development or any other business leader, as well as select highly specialized individual contributors, we will quickly formulate and execute a search strategy to identify a technology industry executive that will provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Representative Assignments:

  • CFO-Cloud based provider of SaaS security products
  • CMO-Global internet security firm
  • Global Head of Operations- Global Security Software Provider
  • Head of Business Development- On line provider of security software
  • Head of US Service Operations, Telecom Company
  • Head Network Ops, Cybersecurity Company
  • CFO, Software Company
  • PhD  Economist Large Data Analytics , Energy & Chemicals
  • PhD Quant Methods, Head of Long Term Supply/Demand Forecasting, Utilities
  • PhD Economist, Large Data Analytics, Mobile Telecom
  • PhD Finance,  Capital Allocation, Banking
  • PhD Economist, Large Data Valuation, Oil & Gas
  • Senior Economist, Practice Leader, PhD Economics, Litigation Consulting