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Looking at Hedge Fund Pay in NY & London

From efinancial careers: Among the biggest misconceptions about hedge funds is that everyone takes home massive seven-figure paychecks. The fact is, less than 10% earn more than $1 million annually. That said, reaching the upper ranks at a profitable hedge fund can provide a very comfortable financial future – as long as the firm can […]

Nussbaum’s Nut Tree Reaches a $1B AUMb

Opportunistic alternative credit investment manager Nut Tree Capital has reached $1B in total AUM. The firm, led by founding partner and CIO Jed Nussbaum, is part of the Bahrain based Investcorp Hedge Fund Partnership platform. Lionel Erdely, head of the platform said “From the first day we met Jed and his team back in 2015, […]

Mackenzie Launches Three New Liquid Alt Funds

Mackenzie Investments announced the launch of three new liquid alternative funds. The newly launched funds will be part of the investment firm’s alternative investment offerings which currently includes their multi-strat absolute return fund. In a statement released by Mackenzie, Mike Schnitman, SVP of Products said “We can now take a modern approach to portfolio construction that […]

Candidate Assessment Traps>> Killer Product or Sales Skills?

The age old question always asked when hiring a capital raiser. Is the candidate’s track record a function of deep investor relationships and their sales ability, or is it the market demand for the fund they are selling? We have studied that very question since conducting our first hedge fund search in 1990. Here, we […]

Frequency of Cyber Attacks in Financial Services Firms Increasing

We all remember the data breach at Equifax two years ago, and the turmoil it created by directly affecting 143m consumers. Well, post-Equifax cyber attacks have increased on financial institutions at an alarming rate. In fact recent data indicates that customers of financial service firms have suffered over 60% more incidents than any other sector. […]

Jeff, We Hardly Knew Ye

NYC just got blindsided when Amazon pulled the plug on their proposed NYC campus after a facing a passionate onslaught from progressive leader and their followers who opposed the deal NY had forged with the online giant. The original announcement by Amazon to build an expansive campus in Queens would have resulted 25,000 jobs for […]